Sample Cover Letter – Consulting

[This is a sample –do not copy paste! Make sure it fits with your CV and previous experience]


Dear Sir,

I found out about [Name of Firm] consulting through the Alumni network of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Interested and intrigued by this consulting company that is looking for IT consultants, I visited [Name of Firm]’s website and read more about the firm. From the literature, I figured that [Name of Firm] is where I would like to work: a broad ranged consulting company where I can get a great deal of experience. The inevitable question stands when applying for such a firm, which only recruits top quality professionals is, “what can I bring to [Name of Firm] that distinguishes me from my fellow applicants, and how prepared am I for such a challenge?”

With [number] years of experience as a [previous job title], I have been exposed to technology in various ways as a [developer/analyst/consultant] that enabled me to understand it’s application in the work environment. Yet, even with strong [technical/business/economics/engineering] background, businesses today demand individuals with a broad understanding of several domains. Thus, an advanced degree at one of the best Information Systems departments in the world prepares me to act as a lynchpin between IT and the business world. My interest in consulting is because i feel that my recent graduate degree, coupled with my previous experience make me a good candidate to work in a fast paced, dynamic and demanding environment such as consulting. Be it analysis, development, or implementation, I believe I have the skills to fill different roles as a project requires.

Being employed by a [previous experience] I am accustomed to work in highly demanding environments and perform well under pressure. The experience has also taught me the importance of process as well, for large organizations need structure to improve efficiency.

Whilst pursuing a degree and holding a job, I am accustomed to working in a multitasking environment, and feel comfortable with large workloads and rigid deadlines. Projects are always more pleasurable when working with intelligent hardworking individuals, because it is also a way to build a good social network that goes beyond the office.

My Curriculum Vitae accompanies this letter, and I look forward to an interview to demonstrate first hand why I want to work for [firm name] and why I want to be part of it’s culture.



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