Startup Corner

One of the main purposes of LISA is not only to create a community, but to bring sub-communities together.

The Information Systems Alumni community is rich with people who are budding entrepreneurs or already established entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of people we know of, and their startups  :

  1. Kindea Labs – Founded by Jonathan Ezer (Phd’06)
  2. Lifeshifter – Founded by Jana Hlistova (MSc’04)
  3. Artwhishlist – Founded by Christian Huhnt (MSc’14)
  4. BlockVerify – Founded by Pavlo Tanasyuk (MSc’08)
  5. SpotOpp – Founded by Pradipto Goswamee (MSc’08)
  6. KISI – Founded by Maximilian Schuetz (MSc’11)
  7. Iris Interactive Solutions – Founded by Ayman Arandi (MSc’13)
  8. Acsumm – Founded by Arseni Gladkov (MSc’14)
  9. Crozdesk – Founded by Nicholas Hopper (MSc’14)
  10. FoodQ – Founded by Denis Konoplev (MSc’15)

Ian Ellis (MSc’04)  has also founded the London Enterprise Tech Meetup in London, which is focused on startups that target large enterprises, which Charles Wahab (MSc’07) and Mariya Dimova (MSc’10) help organise. They hold meetings every month at Orrick a leading Technology and Patent Law firm in the City of London.

IS Graduates can attend for free.