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LISA Holds 1st Annual Picnic

By Elena Trifonova and Alex Calcan
Lisa held its first summer picnic in Hyde Park on Saturday August 31st, as part of the group’s attempt to offer more social activities for all alumni.
A bright and sunny afternoon on the last Saturday of the summer season, the weather could have not been better for around 25 alumni to sit around and eat snacks in the park.  As picnics go , between savory and sweet snacks there was enough to ruin a week’s worth of gym workouts! Everyone sat around in a big circle chatting and catching up, whether it was talking about summer holidays , how busy the year at work has been, or news on kids and families.  Laughter was prevalent.
After a round of catch rugby , everyone was excited to play some team games of trivia and charades.  An LSE version of improvised trivial pursuit lasted well until 6pm as the sun started to dim and no one could eat anymore crisps.
The event attracted many alumni from many different years. Pictures, are worth a thousand words, courtesy of new LISA joiner, Alex. Thanks!

Old Bank of England Drinks Meetup 24th July 2013

Old Bank of England Sign

Wednesday 24th July 2013

Club Room –  The Old Bank of England Pub

194 Fleet St  City of London, EC4A 2LT

7:00 pm till late

LISA Alumni Group would like invite you to the next one of our regular London pub nights.

Situated in the former law courts of the Bank of England, the pub is located in Fleet Street, just along from the Royal Courts of Justice with the entrance illuminated by blazing torches.

There is no charge to attend this event. Guests of alumni welcome.

We hope to see you there!

Social Event – Old Bank of England Drinks Meetup

Summer has arrived!  Join your fellow alumni on :

Wednesday 15th May 2013

Club Room –  The Old Bank of England Pub

194 Fleet St  City of London, EC4A 2LT

6:30 pm till late

Old Bank of England Sign


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This will be a good networking opportunity with fellow alumni and meet your classmates.  Join us and feel free to bring your friends and classmates along.

See you there!

Out of Recession – LISA Pub Meetups Resume

By Charles Wahab and Heemanshu Jain

Much like the world economy, the LSE Information Systems Alumni group slowed down during the period between the end of 2008 and towards the end of 2010. With the department undergoing a number of changes, such as the continued integration within the Department of Management, and their relocation to the new academic building, as well as winds of changes blowing through London and the world, the Alumni effort lulled.

The period also saw the retirement of esteemed professors such as Ian Angell and James Backhouse, cornerstones of the IS department for generations. Nevertheless, to the delight of the Alumni,Dr. Steve Smithson, although officially retired, has been designated care taker of LISA, and remains within the hallways of the IS group.

The famed ADMIS program reaches a close of an illustrious 30-odd year history in 2011, a history that saw an army of people come through the department, and go on to successful careers, at the four corners of the globe. The ADMIS program will be renamed as MISI: MSc in Management, Information Systems and Innovation, and will see a number of changes introduced to the course work to be better aligned with the changing times. In the same spirit, LISA and the alumni effort is well on its way back to health and has been gaining momentum since September 2010, with new members joining the committee, and are eager to invest their time and effort, selflessly.

The website was updated, the LISA careers presentation is back, and distinguished speakers have been invited to speak at the LSE.The only thing left, in true LSE fashion, was the pub meet ups. At
the usual place, the Old Bank of England on 194 Fleet Street, on February 24th, 2011, the networking event resumed, and it is as if it picked up where it left off. More than 35 people showed up for an
after work drink and a hearty chat (with trips down LSE memorylane unavoidable). An area had been reserved for LISA and the alumni declared the gallery of the pub their own for the rest of the

Heemanshu Jain, who came to the last pub meet up in October 2008, now sits on the LISA committee, as social media and communications lead. While sipping his beer, he made sure he got all the attendees’ contacts and emails, and urged them to get in touch. Adnan, LISA chair, and Kenneth, LISA veteran mingled, while Lito and Nasheeta made sure that their fellow alumni, whom they personally
urged to attend, visited the bar. Charles, as usual, preyed on the few current students who had the courage to show up, on the benefits of joining LISA when they graduate.

A successful event, which will be repeated, on the 7 April, 2011 at the Old Bank of England pub, from 6:30pm.

See you there!