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Willcocks Launches Book at LSE

Distinguished LSE Professor Leslie Willcocks is an authority in the field of Outsourcing, and often takes his research into uncharted waters. Along with LSE Visiting Professor Mary Lacity, and industry expert Andrew Burgess, the authors investigated the growing trend of Outsourcing in Legal Services, an industry well known for being tightly knit and traditionally cautious with Information Systems and it’s impact on their business.

LISA held it’s second Technology Seminar, entitled “The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing” on Tuesday June 17th, 2014, with Professor Willcocks launching his book of the same title, at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre.

LISA Chairman Adnan Naseem opened the seminar by giving a brief overview of LISA, the success stories, and the challenges that lie ahead. He also highlighted the importance of the collaboration between Alumni and Faculty to provide a value offering to the community that will raise the profile of the LSE.

John Croft of Elevate Services   , one of the event sponsors along with Radiant Law and Source ,introduced the presenters and thanked them for their work and important findings. He emphasized his company’s belief in the future of legal services becoming more streamlined, and outsourcing is not something the business can overlook any longer.

Prof. Willcocks then took to the stage and gave some background on the reasons that led to the writing of this book, and how outsourcing will change the legal profession.  Prof. Lacity then delved deeper into the  progress and evolution of Legal Services Outsourcing (LSO) and the lessons learned, before Andrew Burgess from Source discussed the pyramid of value added by companies embracing legal services outsourcing. “Being in the presence of companies like Elevate Services and Radiant Law in 2014 was like being in the presence of Apple and Microsoft in the 1980s – these companies are the future of Law.” Noted Professor Lacity.

The Seminar ended with a book signing and a couple of drinks at the White Horse on LSE Campus.

Slides from the Event Can be downloaded here:  LSOSanFranciscoDISTRIBUTE-1

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The Risks and Opportunities of Outsourcing – Seminar

LISA and the LSE Lawyers’ Alumni Group are proud to invite you to a Seminar on Outsourcing   by Leslie Willcocks, Mary Lacity and Andrew Burgess, at the LSE Sheikh Zayed Theatre on Tuesday June 17th, 2014.


Prof. Willcocks is Technology Work and Globalization at the Information Systems and Innovation Group at the LSE Department of Management. Prof. Lacity is Curators’ Professor at theUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis, and visiting Professor at the LSE ISI Group, and Andrew Burgess is an industry expert in the field of Outsourcing. They have written a book entitled “The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing” which they will be discussing during the seminar, with an array of topics of interest to the Information Systems and Legal Alumni communities.

The seminar is FREE for LSE Alumni. Places are limited – RSVP here

Date:  Tuesday June 17th, 2014
Location: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, London School of Economics and Political Science , Sardinia Street WC2A 2AE

About the Speakers:

Andrew Burgess is one of the most eminent sourcing consultants in the UK. Whilst working as Consulting Director at Orbys he developed and implemented sourcing strategies for global organisations, running sourcing programs and helping re-organise IT departments to maximise their value from sourcing. He is considered a leading authority in the growing Legal Transformation and Outsourcing market, working with his clients to help transform legal departments and law firms through the creation of world-class in-house and outsourced capability. He is also a regular speaker at LSO conferences and writes his own LSO blog.


New Narrative in Cloud Computing

Alumni groups and activities revolve around the social aspect of bringing people with a shared past to stay in touch with their Alma matter. Although important, LISA aims to provide support and continuity to it’s members that goes beyond networking, by providing a value offering that the Alumni can benefit from, professionally and intellectually.

LISA held it’s first Technology Seminar, entitled “Moving to the Cloud” on Tuesday March the 18th, 2014, given by Dr. Will Venters.

Venters set out to debate the strategic impact of cloud computing in the medium and long term, considering how organisations IT functions can respond. Organisations must capitalise on the Cloud’s innovative potential to be a service that reduces cost and allows for significant improvement to traditional IT practices, from security, to processing power and across the IT infrastructure.

The seminar began with some background on the definition of Cloud computing, from it’s ” evolution of two distinct strands: technological innovation–based around data-centres, networks and virtualisation–and a distinct service based perspective on computing ” (Willcocks et. al. 2010)  to walking the audience through the landscape today.

ventersSlideVenters then went into a deeper look at complexity, describing how we see complexity in organisations today, and the increasing difficulty in quantifying both cost and reliability of IT that today lies at the very heart of any organization. IT is both victim and villain in today’s world : three students with google maps and a mobile phone can build an app that predicts the crowd control tactics of the Metropolitan Police, which employs a large network of people, devices and technologies to implement these tactics. Or companies blocking Dropbox within their network, yet employees can access the service via their personal mobile phones. There are many possible states available in a situation. The challenge, according to Venters is ensuring REQUISITE VARIETY (Venters 2014).

“We need a new narrative for cloud computing because current perceptions of replacing existing IT infrastructure with equivalent cloud-based services downplays the huge opportunities for innovation and collaboration enabled by the cloud” comments Venters.

The seminar was attended by 20 alumni who registered for the free event, held at the newly acquired LSE building, 32 Lincoln Inn, in a Harvard-style lecture room. After pre-registration and refreshments, attendees enjoyed an extended Q&A session with Dr. Venters, before heading for drinks at the White Horse on LSE Campus.

“This was a great chance to reconnect with friends and to share my research – the discussion was of very high quality as I expected from our Alumni!” concluded Venters.

LISA’s second seminar for 2014 will be held in June, and will be on Outsourcing. Details to be published on this website soon.

Moving to the Cloud Corporation: How to face the challenges and harness the potential of cloud computing Professor Leslie P. Willcocks (Author), Will Venters (Author), Dr Edgar A. Whitley (Author)


Purchase on Amazon


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Digital Innovation Challenge Ceremony and Reception


Dear Alumni, as you might be aware the ISI Group at the LSE held their first ever international Digital Innovation Competition for undergraduate students. The winners have now been announced and will be awarded their prize at 5.30 pm on Monday the 28th of April by the Chief Information Officer at Unilever, Willem Eelman.

The ISI group would like to invite LISA members to this ceremony and the reception drinks. This event is sponsored by BTO ( This is a great opportunity to meet faculty, corporate companies, current students and alumni.

Places are free but limited and reservation is essential. If you would like to attend please,, copying in by 12pm on Friday the 25th of April.

Seminar on Cloud Computing

The LSE Information Systems Alumni (LISA) group is proud to invite you to a Seminar by

Dr. Will Venters

Moving to the Cloud Corporation: How to face the challenges and harness the potential of cloud computing


Will Venters will discuss his new co-authored book (with Leslie Willcocks and Edgar Whitley) of the same title. He will debate the strategic impact of cloud computing in the medium and long term, considering how organisations IT functions can respond.

Date: Tuesday March 18th, 2014


Lecture Hall  Li.LG.04
32 Lincoln Inn’s Fields WC2A

Limited Spaces – RSVP NOW!

Note: This Seminar is for Alumni Only. Registration is required for building access 24 hours prior to event date.