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LISA Christmas Dinner 2013

By Elena Trifonova and Alex Calcan
LISA held its second annual Xmas dinner at La Porchetta restaurant in central London, to celebrate the end of a good year and the beginning of the festive season.
As most LISA events, the dinner was held on a Wednesday,  the 4th of December. Wednesday often suit most Alumni in London, such that it is not too early in the week, and does not overlap with work dos or weekend plans. 28 Alumni from various years from the 90s, 00s and 10s, turned up at a little Italian restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and reconnect with fellow alumnus from all walks of life.
As el vino began to flow, Elena tapped her glass and stood to welcome everyone to the dinner, and thank them for coming to an event that proved for the second year running to be successful. She thanked the social committee for their organization, then handed the floor to LISA Chair, Adnan Naseem, who gave an impromptu speech about LISA and how far it has come from its establishment, and how he enjoyed seeing so many new faces get involved with the alumni effort. He then gave the floor to Charles Wahab, who had prepared a speech!
Charles, rarely shy of public speaking, had prepared what appeared to be a 10 page speech. An aspiring (stress aspiring) standup comedian, Charles went through a number of achievements and stories from the Alumni around the globe: from Chris who went to the North Pole, to Thor who crossed Greenland. He also congratulated many on their recent matrimonies and joyful news, and made bold claims to what LISA holds in the future, from Talent Shows to volunteering events, the best was yet to come.
Charles was booed of his makebelief stage, and everyone tucked into their tiramisu and drank the night away, while Alex, made sure digital evidence was taken!


Winter Starts at the Old Bank of England

By Alex Calcan
LISA held one of it’s regular Old Bank of England meetups on Fleet Street on Wednesday November 6th,  to usher in the winter and swing open the doors to yet another season of Alumni events and social activities.

LISA Holds 1st Annual Picnic

By Elena Trifonova and Alex Calcan
Lisa held its first summer picnic in Hyde Park on Saturday August 31st, as part of the group’s attempt to offer more social activities for all alumni.
A bright and sunny afternoon on the last Saturday of the summer season, the weather could have not been better for around 25 alumni to sit around and eat snacks in the park.  As picnics go , between savory and sweet snacks there was enough to ruin a week’s worth of gym workouts! Everyone sat around in a big circle chatting and catching up, whether it was talking about summer holidays , how busy the year at work has been, or news on kids and families.  Laughter was prevalent.
After a round of catch rugby , everyone was excited to play some team games of trivia and charades.  An LSE version of improvised trivial pursuit lasted well until 6pm as the sun started to dim and no one could eat anymore crisps.
The event attracted many alumni from many different years. Pictures, are worth a thousand words, courtesy of new LISA joiner, Alex. Thanks!