LNETM – February 2016 – Looking forward to see you there!

Join fellow technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors for the September London Enterprise Technology Meetup (LNETM) on Monday 15th February 2016 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.

February’s LNETM will have a Cyber Security focus and, in collaboration with the global VC firm Accel Partners, we have put together an amazing line-up of speakers, including a panel discussion with:

• Alex Van Someren (Partner at Amadeus Capital)

• Edward Hammond (Security Architecture Executive from Deutsche Bank)

• Elisabetta Zaccaria (Founder of CyberY)

• James Cameron (Investor at Accel Partners, Moderator)

In addition, there will be demo presentations from three highly innovative UK based Cyber Security companies:

• Darktrace uses new technologies to iteratively learn a pattern of life for every network, device and individual user, correlating this information in order to spot subtle deviations that indicate in-progress threats, creating a proactive enterprise immune system.

• Miracl’s open source platform (called Apache Milagro) will enable a distributed trust paradigm to replace commercial certificate authorities ushering in a new, more secure, post-PKI Internet.

• Panaseer provides beautiful, timely, explorable security Intelligence to enable better communication with key stakeholders, based on an extensible “Data lake” platform that collects and combines data from many sources.

There will also be some short talks from various industry professionals, including James Chappell (CTO & Co-Founder of Digital Shadows) and Dexter Casey (Expert Cyber Security Responder)

Sign up today and don’t forget to tell your friends/colleagues

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!