Factset Research Systems visits Class of 2014


For the past three years LISA has hosted FactSet Reasearch Systems to come and give a talk to the graduating class, in an informal discussion about what FactSet does, a life of a FactSet’er and what makes the firm both relevant and unique to a graduate of the LSE Information Systems Group.


Sarah Scadding, Campus recruiter for FactSet came to LSE on Friday February 7th, and was joined by former Factset employee and LISA member Charles Wahab, and Dr. Ela Kelcun from the ISI Group. Miss Scadding began her presentation by giving a brief overview of what FactSet does, and what sort of place it is to work there. An ever growing company, the firm opens an office in a new country almost every year, with their outreach now standing at 31 countries in all continents. A diverse group of people, working in a dynamic, fast paced environment focused on providing high tech solutions for the financial industry. However, FactSet prides itself with its culture, by having many social activities, a free lunch for all employees, and most importantly, excellent customer service.

A good segway on the importance of helping customers, Sarah talked about the Consultant role, which is a group of tech savy, yet business oriented individuals who understand the usability of the FactSet terminal. Their role is to help clients make better use of the Factset tools, not simply by answering customer queries, but by suggesting new and better ways of doing things. Which explains why FactSet supports its employees to work on obtaining CFA  certifications, which is invaluable to anyone working in the financial industry.

Stepping in for Sarah’s colleague who could not attend, Charles talked about his experience working as a Software Engineer for FactSet which gave him the exposure to financial services, while still being relatively safe in a more technical environment he was more accustomed to coming from a computer science background.

FactSet provides a natural transition environment for IS graduates, as should they be from strong scientific backgrounds such as computer science and engineering, or from business and economics, armed with an MSc from the LSE, the firm offers an alternative to the conventional firms recruiting at LSE, and uniquely tailored for future LISA members, as they leave their Alma matter, and don’t want to make any hard or early decision on whether

At the warrant of the students, the careers session was a success. It is also important to note the firm welcomes applications for students from outside the EU, making all students, regardless of nationality, eligible to apply.  LISA thanked the presenters, and invited them to return next year, in hope of building a lasting relationship, that can only get stronger.




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Charles works as a business analyst in the financial derivatives sector. He has worked in market data and electronic trading as a software engineer and was recently involved in a startup company. Within LISA, he mainly focuses on building relationships with industry helping current and recent graduates in their careers. Charles is always on email.

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