Winter Starts at the Old Bank of England

By Alex Calcan
LISA held one of it’s regular Old Bank of England meetups on Fleet Street on Wednesday November 6th,  to usher in the winter and swing open the doors to yet another season of Alumni events and social activities.
The summer is over, and the temperatures in London have began to drop. After the lull of the end of summer and the start of the fall,  London has returned to its buzzing feel of long weeks and after work pub meetups. LISA held its first Old Bank of England meetup for the season as the Alumni are back at work full throttle, and the IS Group welcomes its new batch of student.
The LISA Social Development team also introduced a new approach to networking at the event by allowing attendees to choose a random card on their arrival that randomly assigned them to a sub-group who had the same card number to encourage people to introduce each other to someone they did not know and initiate some stimulating conversations with people of shared interest.
It was also Steve’s birthday, as LISA showed their appreciation to their long serving friend both as students and Alumni with a small cake and a big cake. Prof. Will Venters and Florian from the department also joined us for a drink.
Happy 21st birthday Steve, and welcome back everyone!!!



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