The Future was Here – Photos

Last Sunday a few of us visited ‘The Future is Here’ exhibition at the Design Museum. The weather did live up to the expectations of the miserably moody autumnal weather in London. It was bitterly cold and raining. The numbers were slightly lower than we had anticipated, but Shad, despite its central location, can be a rather tricky place to get to.

With the exception of one person (no pointing fingers, please!) who ironically also happened to be the same person who was lecturing everyone not to forget their AmazonLocal vouchers, everyone (who cared enough  remembered to buy one) came equipped with hard copies.

Anyway, the exhibition promised to inform us about the innovation in manufacturing, 3D printing and the design processes transformation. The Design Museum team was clearly trying to raise some provocative questions to add to the debate on progress and sustainability and our relationship with consumer products. For example, one of the main focuses of the exhibition was 3D printing and a thought that in some years from now this technology will become more ubiquitous and accessible to ordinary individuals. If we can make something that is not mass produced but more adapted to our needs will we treasure it more or will we replace it sooner to address our  needs?

Despite all that I felt the exhibition was not visually captivating and engaging. Sure, I learnt a thing or two and there were exhibits I really liked, but all in all, while it was not totally pants, I am very happy I did not pay full price.

DISCLAIMER: The views on “The Future is Here” expressed in the previous two paragraphs are those of the author and do not represent the views of, and should not be attributed to the LSE Information Systems Alumni Association. They are purely opinionated attention-seeking gibberish of an individual who realised that now, thanks to the Internet, they have got a wider audience to bore with their points of view.

Swiftly moving on, all in all, it was fun and we had a really good time, followed up by a quick drink and a gossip in All-Bar-One (obviously!). I personally was impressed by the fact that one of the alumni, who currently lives in Poland due to her Google work commitments and was visiting a friend in London, made an effort to attend the meetup. What was your excuse, Londoners?

And here is some proof that we indeed left the house despite it raining cats and dogs:



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